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Design & Craftsmanship

Gold casting

Our jewelry design journey begins in-house and we use modern art, patterns and nature as our main source of inspiration. 



We harmonize the beauty of natural stones, gemstones and the enchanting sparkle of diamonds with our designs. Spending hours working with each piece in every detail, only the top designs are being selected and this is where the magic begins. 


Once the design is finalized, each piece comes to life through 3D printing of the first prototypes.

Each design goes through countless steps with our master jewelers to create that perfect piece. 


No detail goes unnoticed, every fine piece passes from multiple mock-ups, settings and fittings till it meets the gold standards.


Chance Diamond Earrings

We are only using highest quality materials from precious metals, 14K solid gold, responsibly sourced diamonds, pearls and AAA-grade gemstones. 


RITA Bracelets

We are partnering with top notch jewelers and talented artisans who handcraft each and every piece and select materials that suits RITA’s mission.