Care Guide

RITA Fine Jewelry earrings

How to Wear Your Fine Pieces

  • Our jewelry is made to be worn all day, every day. But with a little extra love, they can last forever.


  • To enjoy your jewelry for a lifetime, remove them before any physical activity as it may cause scratching or bending.


  • As a general care tip, your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you remove upon coming home.

How to Clean

  • To maintain its shine, gently clean it with warm water and mild soap. Dry it with a soft cloth. Please avoid exposure to abrasive cleaners.


  • Regularly cleaning your pieces helps to avoid the residue buildup that can dull the original shine.

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How to Store your Fine Pieces

  • When not being worn, we recommend you to store your jewelry in the pouch that it came in or a dry place to protect it from the elements of daily exposure.

  • Don’t keep them stored for too long. It was made to be worn.