Our Story

Everything Has a Story to Tell

Our story starts with our family and the values instilled in us.

As a family of empowered and contemporary women, we wanted to create jewelry that reflects this in our products and brand’s mission.

RITA Fine Jewelry was founded in 2022 with the desire to make jewelry a part of your everyday moments.

Heirloom Baguette Earring

Our Founders

Two sisters who are from a family where entrepreneurship is profoundly valued, they wanted to put a step forward and bring their passion to life.


They’ve always wanted to start a business of their own. After spending years working at corporate firms and keep building their dream: a brand that values women and becomes part of their everyday life. 


Diamond Wishbone Necklace
RITA Bracelets

RITA Fine Jewelry & the inspiration

RITA’ s name originally comes from the initials of the family, beginning with RITA Fine Jewelry founder’s beloved father Reha, who is the main inspiration of this brand and vision and ends with their mother’s initial.